Shinobi – Gray and Blue

Made from transparent gray and blue acrylics.
Closed 5 5/16″, Open 4 15/16″.
Design by Inguz, on FPN.

1 Response to Shinobi – Gray and Blue

  1. Julie says:

    Shawn… the person you made this pen for left it with me yesterday to play with for a few days. (He is evil, uh, I mean kind & thoughtful, that way.)

    While I’ve seen photos of the Shinobi online, holding that pen in the hand is a required experience! The Shinobi must be seen in person to truly appreciate it, IMHO. It’s brilliant. I know the pen was a customer’s idea, but Shawn your work is outstanding! The method you used to hold the nib in place is so cool.

    I love your work, Shawn. It is amazing to see how you have evolved your pen work over these past few years. (I hope that is not condescending to tell you that, because that would be, well, awful!)

    You are the kind of artist I admire: brave, open, sharing, generous, whimsical, smart… pushing the limits of what you know to something new.

    Expect an email soon. :)

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