Parts and Tools

This is all very old info.  I’m using a Grizzly 4003g metal lathe with all sorts of different tools and bits and bobs.  I couldn’t go back to a wood lathe if my life depended on it.  :)  Well I could but I wouldn’t want to.

Here’s a lists of parts and tools, where to find certain things, and pictures and reviews.

PDF Tutorial
Kitless Fountain Pen

Lathe – I use a Delta 46-460.  Love it.  Not a lot of wobble in the tail stock and the variable speed is very nice.  I paid $600 for mine, but looks like prices have gone up since Dec. 2011.

Scroll Chuck – I have a cheap 4 jaw scroll chuck.  Came from PSI.  Here is another good unit.  Teknatool Nova G3.

Collet Chuck and collets – I use the plain jane PSI collet chuck and bought a metric set from CTC tools on ebay.

Live Centers – Big 60 degree.  Used for shaping the barrel and cap.
This one has replaceable tips. Nine Pieces.  Used when turning the section.

Dead Centers – This one has a spring tip and pointy teeth to hold things tight.  Love it.
This one is just a dead center.  It’s useful sometimes as well.

Drill Chucks – Key chuck.  Very good except that if a bit catches while you’re drilling it can scratch the hell out of your hand when the chuck spins in the tail stock.  That is if you keep your hand on the chuck while you drill.  Holds everything very securely.  Bits and taps never turn loose of the chuck jaws.  I can’t keep up with a key so I bought a keyless.
Keyless chuck.  It’s okay.  Quicker change times but the jaws come loose and the bit may spin freely in it.  It’s also about an inch longer than the key chuck which means you loose some quill travel.  It’s convenient though so I’m going to keep using it.

Die Holder

Taps and Dies
here and here – specialty nib taps
here – standard taps/dies
here – triple starts, have never used these but some people like them
here – get your custom taps custom made here

Okay- made an order the other day and got it all in today.
Face shield Sperian Protection S8500 Bionic Face Shield: Automotive

Easy to put together. The band and shield needed bolting together with the plastic bolts and finger nuts above your ears. It’s got a soft pad over your forehead. The knob on the back to adjust tightness is awesome. Just push it in and twist. Very cool.
It’s WIDE too. Covers my whole face and entire neck.


Here’s my old face shield – did the job but very uncomfortable. You can see the electric tape on the band in the back to hold it together where it fit me. This new one doesn’t need any tape. It’s awesome.

Next up
Respirator from 3m. 3M 6291 Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly Medium with P100 Filters: Home Improvement

It’s cheaper to buy a whole new mask than to buy replacement cart/filters. The straps on my other 3m mask were falling apart, too. It would come loose after a few hours wearing it. Not bad – but needed replacing.
I can smell plastics pretty easily through it – not the same as no mask – but I know there’s plastic under my nose. With the organic filters on my other mask I wouldn’t have smelled as much. Hopefully these filters will be acceptable.
It’s also MUCH lighter and my neck doesn’t wear out as quickly which is a HUGE plus.

Here they are next to each other. The masks are the same size but the carts are very different. They’ll both swap to either mask – so I could have just bought some new round filters for my older mask, but the straps are a bit worn out and it’s cheaper to buy a whole new mask than to buy the straps once you factor in shipping.
Here you can see the new elastic compared to the old. That’s the part that goes around the back of your next.
Fits under my new face shield perfectly. It’s all very light and doesn’t fatigue my neck. Hours into turning I’m much more comfortable than with the heavy cart respirator.

Next up
Center finder.
:) Robert Larson 800-2875 Plastic Center Finder: Home Improvement
This thing is bigger than I thought. It easily covers my whole hand if I lay it on there. Works great and no moving parts!   Find a smaller one to make life easier.
Drill Doctor

Garbage.  Don’t waste your money.  Call Tool Systems 440-461-6363 and send them your bits.  These guys work magic.

I can’t tell you how this thing has saved my life.  Oh lordy – it has SAVED my life.  Also saved me tons of money.  When I first started this whole pen turning thing I bought the cheapest drill bit set from Harbor Freight that I could find and MOST of the bits weren’t usable at all.  So I slowly bought new bits to replace the old useless ones.  Some of those weren’t much butter, so I started researching this Drill Doctor thing here so I could sharpen my own.  It is amazing!

I sharpen all my bits at 118 degrees. You set the angle on the front of the machine where you put the bit in to sharpen it.
First you need to load your bit into this chuck thing. Those little fingers hold onto it.
Then you line up some ridges with the grooves in the hole below and this sets the slope of the bit. A flat slope means a mild grind, a steep slope means an aggressive grind. I prefer one right in the middle. Flat and it won’t drill. Too aggressive and it just doesn’t go as smoothly as I’d like.
This little hole on the side is where you put the bit in if you want to create a split point. I haven’t used it. Simply having sharp bits has been more than good enough for me.

Diamond Sharpeners

If you get one, get a big one.  The little thing was cheap and that’s the reason I bought it.  Didn’t have $30 that day so I wasted $5.  Yes – wasted.  It has been absolutely useless for me.  The large one has already paid for itself in one afternoon.  You can take carbide inserts for your carbide tipped turning tools, put them on there with a bit of water, and go like mad back and forth and put a hell of an edge on there.  I might just try my hand at cleaning up my kitchen knives.  :)

Porter Cable Variable Speed Bench Grinder

This is also very nice.  I’ve finally got a parting tool that cuts clean and quick.  I’m sure it will come in handy for other things too.  Maybe I’ll get a rig and a white aluminum oxide wheel for it and sharpen my traditional turning tools on it.  (the white aluminum wheel is great!)  And it has a light on it!

This thing is great. Smooth and quiet. Well, quiet until you put metal up against it.
Here you can see the little adjustment knobs for bringing the little shelf up or down and back and forth. Works well.

Keyless Drill Chuck
From Here – I don’t use this anymore.