Click links below to read reviews written by my wonderful customers.  Scroll down to see photos.

Interview on The Pen Addict
In an Article

The Gibby

Kalemmale – Green, Small, Bulb Filler
Peaceable Writer – banana slug
requiescat – Fox pen
smodak – gray mottled celluloid
heraclitus682 – red cumberland button filler
stevlight – black matte acrylic
stevlight – denim laminate
esterbex – Ivory & Turtle Trax 2 tone
dcroe05 – Black & White doodles
RPSyed – Orange and black piston filling

The Elizabethan
ethernautrix – Caramel Macchiato pocket pen
Chi Town – Caramel Macchiato pocket pen
Green Ebonite with Urushi – for Livy
Rudy Vey – demonstrator
pelahale – green/black micarta button filler
heraclitus682 – urushi on green ebonite button filler
yotiao – urushi on green ebonite
penspouse – abalone
heraclitus682 – brown ebonite, urushi finish

trhall – EsterNewton
Rudy Vey – cumberland ebonite
House of Pens – Tigger pen
RPSyed – bulb filler

ArchiMark – tortoise celluloid
Opus7600 – tortoise vac filler

Leigh ReyesClear and Golden Tortoise
Peacable Writer – Copper Acrylic full review
Peaceable Writer – Copper Acrylic
Inguz – Shinobi, matte black ebonite and red acrylic with flat side
This Illuminated Life – with vintage Waterman music nib
Fountain Pen Day – Video And written review
Thomas Hall
The Gentleman Stationer – Black ebonite and dark burgundy acrylic

Heidi – murkey green acrylic – Intagram winner

The Pen Addict – Green ebonite and ivory celluloid

Quinden – orange bands and cumberland hard rubber
vickiehof – trustone
Middlesmith – blue ripple ebonite
Matthew Morse – Green with sterling

tiffanyhenschell – ebonite
ACorazza – blue/white ebonite

Como Pocket Pens
Lloyd – dark blue
Chi Town
– taffy

Customer Customs
Altruism – acacia wood
bbbiswas – burl eyedropper
zap210 – Omas Clone

El Esquire daily carry
Mike Smukula daily carry

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Your work looks amazing
    I will save to own one eventually ! I would love to have one to do calligraphic work like leigh. But I need years and years of practice! Im 40 yes old and have been studying Jewish Talmudic law till now. I want to persue !y talents as well. Any advice.

    • Thanks! The only advice I can offer is what you already know: practice, practice, practice. It’s the best way to get better or proficient at anything. :)

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