March Raffle Winner!!

Thanks to everybody who participated – and a huge thanks to the two very kind folks who contributed $400 total!  Thanks so much!

Remember – half of the money brought in from raffle tickets will go to prom to help my juniors pay for prom this year.

Two pen winners, a bottle of ink, and two really awesome mechanical pencils.

And the winners are….

Custom pen number one – Raffle ticket #27

Custom pen number two – Raffle ticket #3

First choice of ink or pencils – Raffle ticket #46

Second choice – Raffle ticket #37

And last but not least – Raffle ticket #21

Thanks so much everybody!


Donkey Basketball, the Circus, Spring Break, and a Raffle Winner!

Hi Everybody!

This has been a very busy week for me and most of it has been spent recovering from donkey basketball.  I don’t know if you’ve ever played basketball on a donkey, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Some of them don’t care to be ridden.  At least the donkeys that I was given didn’t.  A couple of the players had no problems at all.  They’re donkeys were like little horses, happy to please.  “You wanna ride over here?  Sure thing.  Let’s go.”  Mine – no no – mine were angry, terrible beasts.  One stepped on my foot.  They both bucked and kicked as soon as they thought I would be jumping on.  The second donkey I had ran the entire time and all I did was hold on for the ride.  A terrible ride.  …terrible…

So terrible that I’m still hurting from the whole ordeal.
There are videos too – somewhere on facebook – of me almost on a donkey and then being thrown off, landing on my side.  I got up quick, but it hurt… every time…  :)

Last night I took my family to a small circus – a first for my kids and my wife.  :)  And it was so much fun!  Dancing tigers, dogs and llamas, elephants, jugglers, all sorts of performers… just really glad there were no donkeys.  The kids’ favorite part was the finale: the fire breather!  Corbin said he wants to do that when he grows up.  The hardest part for me to watch was the aerial ribbon dancing and high trapeze act.  No nets!

So Spring Break is over – back to school on Monday – and a raffle drawing tonight!  If you haven’t got in yet, now is your chance.  There will be two pens this month given away – one for the scholarship fund, and another to help my junior class with prom, along with a few other smaller prizes.  I’ll pick winners tonight around 9pm.


Deadline for raffle and for the love of donkeys!

Hi Everybody!

So normally I give each raffle at least two weeks run time, usually with a day or two added on so it ends on a weekend.  This time I goofed…
Two weeks from March 14th would be the 28th, not the 23rd like I had posted originally – so we’ll run this raffle to the 30th!  That will give more people more time to participate.  I knew it didn’t sound right before.  ;)

So far we’ve sold 35 tickets.  And this time around a couple of amazing and generous folks have donated $400 to the scholarship fund!  This puts the fund up to $5496 total so far!  I can’t wait to get those checks written out!  :)

And I’ll be riding a donkey to basketball glory this Saturday afternoon!  Wish me luck!  But, don’t say “break a leg”.  :)

Warmest regards,

March Raffle – Newton Pens Scholarship! – & Prom

March 2014 Raffle!

Before I delay any more, I’m going to just start it.  :)

This month, as always, you can win a custom pen by me.

Update:  42 tickets sold, and $400 donated straight to the fund! 

Your choice model (or your own design?), material, nib and grind.

One extra pen will be made as a fund raiser for the Jr. Class at my school.  So there will be two custom pen winners this month!  Half the money from this raffle will go towards the Jr. Class at my school to help pay for prom this year – that’s why two custom pens.  :)

You could also win a mostly full bottle of P.W. Akkerman ink that I have.  KoninginneNach-Blauw.  One of the big bottles which are becoming a bit desirable now that they won’t be available anymore.

Also up for grabs – two mechanical pencils.  Left: A Super Promecha .4mm, retractable sleeve and adjustable lead advance.  Very nice pencil.  Feels so great in the hand.
Right: Mitsubishi Uni .3mm, fixed sleeve, nice grip.


How to enter?

This time I’ll pick 5 numbers for 5 winners.  Read below for all the details.

Raffle tickets are $10 each.  All you have to do to buy a ticket is send $10 to using paypal.  When you buy a ticket you’ll be given a number based on the order that you bought it.  If you’re the 3rd person to buy a raffle ticket, then you’ll be #3, 14th person to buy then you’re #14, and so on.

I’ll use a random number picker and will have it pick from the numbers available.  So if only 32 people buy tickets, the number picker will pick from 1-32.

You may buy as many tickets as you like, all at once or spread out over several days.  It’s up to you.  Purchase not tax deductible.  Every penny goes towards the Newton Pens Scholarship fund, which there are 27 applications for this year!  Wahoo!  The more we raise the more kids benefit.  So far we’ve raised $4753.94.

So if all that sounds good then you can buy as many raffle tickets as you want payable through paypal to  Be sure not to send payment to my other email address as it may get lost.

Raffle will run from Friday March 14 until Sunday March 23, 2014.

When winners are picked, first two numbers get a custom pen, third gets choice of ink or a pencil, fourth gets choice of what’s left, and fifth number picked gets what’s left.

If there are ANY questions don’t hesitate to holler at me.


The things I do…

So 5pm, March 22nd, a Saturday afternoon, I’m going to be riding a donkey... and playing basketball.  Two things I’ve never done.

If you don’t hear from me after that, I’ve probably been crushed by a crazed donkey.  :)


You only have to do a little searching on Google to see what kind of ride I’m in for.  Oh the things I do to help ma kiddos.  ;)