Sheaffer Legacy II – Daum Crystal Set

Check it out!  I just got this Sheaffer Legacy 2 from Vanness the other day.  I don’t post much about other pens on here but I wanted to share this.

This is the Daum Crystal set made in 2000.  It came in three finishes – black, copper, and palladium.  They made 1,000 of each.  I chose the copper with a medium nib.  The black one in the pics below has a stub – but there’s no way it would get much use from me.  I prefer a nice round nib.  Usually fine or medium.

This set came with a Daum lead crystal ink well and feather made using the pate de verre method.  Very pretty.

The pen fills using the touchdown filler, which you can see in the video.  You unscrew the knob on the back of the pen and pull it back, put the nib in the ink, and push the knob down.  This compresses the sac inside the pen with air, and as the sac decompresses, ink is drawn in.  The sac is held in the section the same way a cart or piston converter is, so if it goes bad it will be easy to replace.  I don’t think these touchdown converters are available anymore, so I would end up making my own with an empty cart and a glued on sac.

The nib is incredibly smooth.  Perfect at all angles.

The pen is made of brass with the copper finish over it.  It’s not light, but not heavy either.  Feels really good in hand and very balanced when posted or not.

I haven’t dropped it yet… yet… so I can’t say how the finish will hold up.  I plan on using this thing at school once school starts back up, so we’ll see then.  Hopefully I never drop it.  I ruined my first Parker 51 in class.  Bent the nib over 45 degrees.  Sad day that was.  Hopefully the Sheaffer will never eat cement.

I really like this pen.  Ever since I saw the old PFM I’ve wanted one of these fat inlaid nib Sheaffer pens.  After handling those and the modern version I much prefer the weight of the Legacy.  I’ve been checking these out for the last couple of years at Vanness and finally bit the bullet a couple weeks ago.  I love it.  $300 isn’t cheap, but it’s hard to beat for a pen this good.

Scholarships and Nib Grinds

Good morning everybody!


I’m very excited to announce a new way to raise money for the scholarships: postcards!  What better way to use your fountain pens than by writing notes on postcards with artwork made by students?!  And all the money made from the sale of these postcards will go towards the scholarships!

When you buy a pack of 5 postcards for $10 you’re automatically entered into the raffle, which is totally free now.  If you wish to enter the raffle without buying postcards, send me an email – – for info on entering for free.  When you buy these cards, be sure a postal address is in the notes section of your PayPal payment.  If you wish to send a check or MO that’s fine as well,  just send me an email for postal details.

You can buy as many packs of cards as you want.  Each pack gets you one entry into the raffle.

To buy a pack and enter the raffle, send $10 to via PayPal and be sure to mention postcards and give me your postal address in the notes section.

You can still contribute without expectation of receiving anything – just let me know when you send payment.postcards

This raffle will run from July 21st through August 3rd.  I’ll announce the winner that evening around 9pm Central US time, and the winner will get their own custom pen.

If you have any questions please ask.  The rules are posted here.

Nib Grinds

I’m also going to be running things a little differently around here with regards to nib grinds.

When you buy a Newton Pen you can now get a nib grind for 50% off: $15 instead of $30.  If you’ve had work done in the past, this deal applies to you, too.  Just send in any pen and I’ll grind it for $15.  Shipping is $5.  If you want me to return it insured let me know.

If you send in a pen to be ground, I’ll offer to adjust one pen for free.  One grind, one adjustment.  Just my way of saying thanks for all the support.

If you have any questions at all please ask.


New Clips

Hi Everybody!

I wanted to let you all know that I have new clips that I designed. They’re made from sterling silver or from brass.

Once I’m out of my engraved clips this is what I’ll be using exclusively as far as I can tell.  I’m very happy with them.

They will go along nicely with my straight clips I had made up last year.

June Pen goes to…

#69 won it!  Congrats to Ray!

Thanks everybody for contributing to the scholarship.  You raised enough this month for one kid to get a $1000 scholarship.  Let’s keep it up.  :)

Starting next month the way we raise money will change.  Instead of raffle tickets, I’m going to have some post cards made up with student art on the front.  Buying a pack of post cards will automatically enter you into the raffle.  If you don’t want to buy any postcards, you can send a self addressed, stamped envelope to me and I’ll send you back a number.  This way the giveaway is a free, no purchase required deal.  If any of you have any suggestions I’m all ears, but I think this will be okay.


DC Pen Show and Vanness

I’m going to be at the Washington DC Pen Show in August!  Arriving the 7th, at a table the 8th, 9th, and 10th.  I’ve bought tickets and booked a room and everything.  It’s official!

Holy cow I’m nervous.  I’m going to get as much made as I can and bring it all with me.  I’ll also be bringing a few rods with me for show-n-tell.  Is there anything in particular you would like to see?

I’ll be sharing a table with Vanness Pen, working double duty.

Also a huge shout out of thanks to Vanness for donating a Rhodia pad and some inks to one of the kids who got a pen from me a month or so ago.

They donated a huge Rhodia blank pad for the girl who got this pen. (click link)  They also donated a couple bottles of ink for scholarship recipients as well.


This was for one of my students when I taught at Centerpoint (my first two years teaching) who always impressed me with her talent and work ethic.  I contacted her current art teacher and was told nothing but good things.  So she got a pen.  When I asked to buy a notebook from Vanness for one of my old students, they GAVE it to me.  Thanks so much for your support of my program and for giving to my kids.  I really really appreciate it.

I also got a couple pics from scholarship recipients over the last couple of days.

One asked for a Shinboi and a bottle of black ink (thanks Vanness!).

From Tosha…


And from Maddisyn…



Thanks everybody for all you’ve done to support the scholarship and to help get these kids some help with college expenses.

The current raffle is open until June 28th if you want to get in on it.



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